Antonius Roberts at workAs a sculptor, it is important that the ideals of conservation and preservation are reflected in my work. I do this by utilizing indigenous materials and locating the installations, where possible, in places of historical significance. Thus the past is recorded, re-created and remembered as a living historical record of our Bahamian heritage.   – Antonius Roberts, 2009

Antonius is inspired by each piece of wood or marble that comes to his hands.  As he says “I wait for the material to tell me what to do”.   The energy and the beauty of the material or the place then allows him to transform them in such a way that they create their own synergy inviting viewers to interact with them as opposed to simply reacting to what they see.  His desire is to have the experience become meaningful at every level, intellectually, aesthetically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sacred is a word he uses a lot and it is a word intended to reflect his spiritual inspiration, his own creative freedom of expression and his desire to inspire others to preserve those things that should be left intact to bear witness to their cultural heritage.

Antonius Roberts’ Bio