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My relationship between art and life is very intense. It is the process of living and creating that moves me. I approach my sculptures and paintings with the intent of having fun, splashing, scraping, pushing, pulling, dripping, wiping and carving my way into a state of animation. Intuition and my visual sensibilities click in; then the dialogue begins.

Crossing all boundaries, I respond to the revelation of suggestive forms and images, as they emerge.

Wood sculpture is new to me and I am enjoying "the sculptor's experience".

The wood that I use to sculpt is recycled from piles of indigenous trees, randomly cut down, or bulldozed to create space for the construction of concrete castles and tourist resorts.

As my ancestors believe that "the tree is regarded as the home of a spirit which needs to be placated ..." I feel driven to explore this aspect of my African heritage, in hopes of understanding more about my place in this universe.

Antonius Roberts - Ref. African Art, An Introduction. Revised edition by Frank Willett.


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