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The 8th Changchun China Symposium

The 8th Changchun China Symposium

Rebirth by Antonius RobertsAntonius Roberts was one of 45 artists selected and invited from countries all over the world, to participate in the 8th Changchun China Symposium. This year's participants bring the total of sculptors exhibiting in this park, since its inception, to 341 and the number of sculptures to 346.

This is a magnificent and impressive undertaking and much appreciated by the contributing artists. Antonius was invited to give a speech on behalf of all the artists at the Unveiling Ceremony and his own words reflect the enjoyment and the benefits of the experience. It is apparent from his words that great warmth and respect for their hosts was felt by everyone - also their gratitude for the opportunity to work with each other and the people of Changchun to make it into one of the best "Sculpture Cities" in the world.

"It was amazing for all of us to experience over forty five artists from different, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds coming together and uniting through the power of art. We were able to share ideas and exchange creative techniques and philosophies. In some cases we were able to collaborate on developing ideas for future art projects that will keep us united.

For forty days we have all been eating in the same halls, traveling on the same buses and working in the same spaces together without significant confrontations. Quite an achievement by world standards! For this reason alone, the Symposium Committee should be proud of this achievement perhaps in the near future symposiums such as this could be as model upon which to structure world peace.

This has certainly been a learning and a life-changing experience for all of us. We are leaving with full hearts for we have bonded with the people of China and made lasting friendships. This year's theme of Peace, Friendship and Spring was magnified throughout our time in China and with this same spirit of peace and friendship we hope to share this experience with others around the world."


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