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Antonius Roberts is deservedly The Bahamas  leading Sculptor.  He is also one of The Bahamas most outstanding artists and has an impeccable record of teaching, mentoring and supporting emerging young artists. His contributions to the Arts Community and the country in his personal and professional capacities are considerable.

Antonius Roberts at his Post House Studio in Nassau, Bahamas.

He is an avid conservationist with a deep respect and understanding of the inter-connectedness of Nature, Man and Spirituality.  Through his work, he invites viewers to react, interact and hopefully discover the relationship between art and life.

Although fundamentally and profoundly Bahamian, his work has a universal appeal as denoted by the recognition he has been accorded at home and internationally.  He has been exhibited in many countries with both solo and group exhibitions and continues to do so with a full calendar for 2006.

Antonius Roberts born in 1958 in Nassau, The Bahamas, received his BFA in painting from the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA). As an artist he has participated in exhibitions around the world and as a teacher and lecturer at Government High School and The College of The Bahamas, has mentored a generation of young Bahamian artists. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and played a leading role in restoring the former Villa Doyle and its conversion into the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, to which he has been awarded a lifetime membership; he is the Curator of the Central Bank Art Gallery and former Co-ordinator of FINCO's Summer Art Workshop.

Most recently, as a Sculptor and Conservationist, he created 'Sacred Space', a small area where he placed 12 women sculpted out of dead but rooted trees, marking an historical site in the Bahamas of one of the first landing sites of slaves from Africa. This installation invites interaction from the viewer over whom it exerts a peaceful sensibility and thus demonstrates the inter-connectedness of Nature, Man and Spirituality.

With the same intention, he has embarked on creating a similar installation in conjunction with other artists, on another site with a variety of female figures sculpted on a grander scale, ranging from six feet to 15 feet which display a statuesque and powerful beauty.

In March of 2006 he took and installed 12 Sacred Women carved especially for the Exhibition "Funky Nassau" to Wiesbaden, Germany and having been exhibited there at the entrance to the Museum they are now back in Nassau and currently installed for a three month exhibition at The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

From July to September 2006 he was in Changchun, China having been invited to exhibit in the 8th Changchun China International Sculpture Symposium with other sculptors from 50 countries. These sculptures are now installed permanently in the Sculpture Garden. This year's theme was "Friendship, Peace & Spring". Antonius Roberts' commanding piece of an African woman's head and partial torso clothed in a blanket with a safety pin clasp is cast in bronze and over 9 feet tall. It is placed at the entrance to the Sculpture Garden and entitled Re- Birth.

Although profoundly Bahamian and strongly rooted in his African heritage, Antonius Roberts' work, whether painting or sculpture, has a universal appeal and is included in numerous notable collections in the U.S.A, South Africa, Italy and The Bahamas.


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More of Antonius' work can be found in the Archives.

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