Schooner Bay

A Message From Schooner Bay Artist-In-Residence, Antonius Roberts

Antonius at Schooner Bay, Abaco

The foundation of new towns has spawned a new type of civic institution, “The Development Corporation,” which is concerned with the creation of urban centers. An important part of this institution’s responsibility to the communities it creates is the establishment of a cultural environment to enhance the quality of civic life and promote ongoing education and artistic expression.

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Schooner Bay, arguably the first new town developed in The Bahamas in over one hundred years, is an exemplar of this essential commitment to artistic cultivation.  For me, it is an honor to be appointed Schooner Bay’s “Town Artist”.  In this capacity I will act as a consultant on design matters and establish a presence for art in the community, engaging as many artists as possible in the production of murals, sculptures, signage, public art pieces and art symposiums.

I will also continue my own artistic pursuits, both in my recently completed studio in the village and elsewhere throughout the community by creating sacred spaces with natural materials.  My studio will embody the philosophy of Schooner Bay, while focusing on ways to sustain the production of art and artifacts created out of reclaimed materials.

A strong art educational component will be developed to provide opportunities for young people in and around the Abacos to fully explore and develop their artistic skills, while being exposed to an extensive community of practicing artists.  The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, POPOPSTUDIOS in Nassau, and art majors from The Collage of The Bahamas will be connected to and engaged in all art programs initiated through the studio.