Antonius Roberts’ Studio & Gallery at Hillside House

Where history and art are intertwined

My hope is that you, the visitor, will be able to connect with Hillside House as it is now and with the history contained within its walls offering us its glimpse into the past.

hillside-door-2Our past is the thread that joins us to our present and builds our future.  The collective consciousness of all those who contributed to this project sensed the importance of restoring this old house that has its own role in the history of Cumberland Street and the evolvement of the City of Nassau.

It has always been a driving force in my work and my life to reclaim, restore and preserve whatever nature and time allows us to find and I have been fortunate to be able to do this in many different locations.

The re-location of my Studio and Gallery to Hillside House has many layers of meaning for  me as it embodies my philosophy of preservation, my sense of history, and the creation of quiet spaces for reflection.   I feel as if I have ‘come home’ and claimed my inheritance of the past as a Bahamian and it is this which will infuse my work for the future.

My hope is that you will enjoy the art works you see on display as well as the ambience of Hillside House – a quiet space in the middle of a busy town – a place where you will be able to connect with the environment that is Hillside House and all that it signifies.

Antonius Roberts