Open House…

The Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery at Hillside House
25 Cumberland Street
First Open House took place on February 11, 2012

He was fascinated by the glow of the three wick aromatic candle in the more than 150 year-old fire place…today, Hillside House Studio and Gallery on Cumberland Street, punctuated the journey in the life of Antonius Roberts, who was born on the other side of the hill, four and a half blocks away on Market and Lewis Streets.

At Hillside House Studio and Gallery, haunting are the images of the Sacred Spaces of Clifton, New Providence Island and the bronze sculptures that were influenced by his experiences at the foundries of Leonardo Davinci’s Pietrasanta, Italy.  The residency at the World Sculpture Park, Changchun, China – where the twelve feet tall “New Beginning” a tribute to his departed mother Zelma resides, combines with his fascination of the elegant crystal bubble representations inspired by the range of electric reflections of blue in the waters surrounding Great Exuma.

Completing the inaugural exhibition are other thoughtful renditions on canvas  which have been deeply influenced by the natural environment of Schooner Bay, Abaco; and the “mentors on wood” acrylic on Madeira is a tribute to Bahamian Masters, Brent Malone, Amos Ferguson and Jackson Burnside, who have all transitioned from this world of the many to the cosmic peace of the One.

Hillside House has come to be a symbol of the centuries old dreams and admixtures of the African and European cultures, of art and nature, wood and canvas – with a touch of bronze; ficus and orchids; champagne, pastries and the sax, an organic recycling of found materials harnessed by the symbiosis of Antonius and his good friend and patron!

Photos by Lisa Wells, last four photos by Victoria Sarne.

Another visitor to the Open House was Brenda L. McCartney, who was so inspired by an image of the Sacred Space sculptures, that she penned this poem… read here.