In The Studio Antonius Roberts
   a portrait of a bahamian artist

   "My relationship between art and life is very intense. it is the process of living and creating that moves me. I approach my sculptures and paintings with the intent of having fun, splashing, scraping, pushing, pulling, dripping, wiping and carving my way into a state of animation. intuition and my visual sensibilities click in; then the dialogue begins." -A.R.

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View the Gallery

  Obtain an in-depth view of the paintings and sculptures created by Antonius Roberts. The Gallery uses Frames, however there is also a No Frames version.

Articles & Exhibitions

  Read what the press has to say about Antonius Roberts, find out about his recent exhibitions, including the Bahamian Artists exhibition in Washington D.C.

About the Artist

  Not only is Antonius Roberts an award winning artist, he is also a caring individual who is deeply involved in things Bahamian and the community.

Antonius Roberts
P.O. Box CB-13063
Prospect Ridge
Nassau, Bahamas
Ph: (242) 327-7562    Fax: (242) 327-7649

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